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Are you looking to exit your timeshare and stop your maintenance fees? You’ve come to the right place. At BestTimeshareExitTeam.com we compare all of the different timeshare exit companies for you so you can get a better idea of the costs and fees associated with canceling your timeshare. There are a lot of scams out there. We’ll help you avoid them.

Timeshare Exit Team Cost Specialists

Our timeshare exit team cost specialists are expert researchers. They scour the Internet to find and review each and every timeshare exit and relief company. Their unbiased research is posted here for your benefit. They’re typically looking for the following when researching a timeshare exit company:

    • How quickly can they help you exit your timeshare?
    • How much do they cost?
    • Do they require paying up-front?
    • Do they offer a guarantee?
    • Are they BBB accredited?
    • How long have they been in business?
    • How are they rated on Consumer Affairs?
    • How are they rated on Yelp and other consumer advocacy websites?

      Top Timeshare Exit Companies

      Take a look at the chart below to compare every timeshare exit company our resort exit team cost specialists could find.

      Avg. Time to Cancel a Timeshare Timeshare Exit Cost Is Up-Front Payment Required? Guarantee Team Size Years in Business
      Timeshare Exit Team © 9-18 months Varies, but avg. cost is $4,000. ? 100% money-back ? Since 2012
      Resort Exit Team © ? Fees vary ? 100% money-back 25 Since 2012
      Timeshare Cancel Center © ? ? ? 100% money-back ? Since 2015
      Redemption and Release © ? Flat fee. Claims to cost ‘less’ than the bigger companies. Yes 100% money-back 10 Since 2011
      Trash Your Timeshare© ? ? No 100% money-back 1 Since 2012
      Timeshare Release Now© 90 days or less Flat fee. Not based on maintenance fees. Yes 100% money-back ? Since 2012
      Timeshare Refuge© 2 – 8 weeks Between $0 and up depending on the resort No 100% money-back 35 Since 2012
      Timeshare Freedom, llc© (Timeshare-Answers) On average, 6 months. Varies by situation. ? ? 100% money-back ? Since 2010
      Timeshare Specialists© 8-12 weeks depending on the option selected ? No Guaranteed ? Since 2014
      National Cancellation© 3 to 9 months. Some may take less than others. Claims to cost ‘less’ than the bigger companies. Yes 100% money-back 5 Since 2015
      Finn Law Group© ? ? ? None specifically stated. ? Since 2011
      Nationwide Settlement Solutions© ? ? ? 100% money back guarantee 20 Since 2011
      US Consumer Attorneys© About 12 months. Can take longer. One-time fee. Varies by resort. ? 100% satisfaction guarantee 80 Since 2014
      The Abrams Firm© ? Low flat rate. No None specifically stated, but is clear no up-front fees are required. 12 Since 2013
      Susan M Budowski LLC© ? Free consultation. No None specifically stated, but is clear no up-front fees are required. ? Since 2004
      Aaronson Law Firm© ? Free consultation. ? None specifically stated. ? Since 2005
      Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates©


      ? Free evaluation. Fixed fee. ? 100% money-back ? Since 1977

      Location BBB Rating Other Names
      Timeshare Exit Team© 30 locations across the U.S. HQ in Lynwood, WA. A None
      Resort Exit Team© Rockford, IL A+ -Resort Release

      -American Resource Management Group


      Timeshare Cancel Center© Orlando, FL A None
      Redemption and Release © Richmond, VA Not Rated
      Trash Your Timeshare© Oxnard, CA A+
      Timeshare Release Now© Portland, ME Not Rated
      Timeshare Refuge© Branson, MO A+ The Timeshare Dump©
      Timeshare Freedom, llc Orlando, FL A+ Legaltimesharecancellation.com












      Timeshare Specialists Bozeman, MT A
      National Cancellation Springfield, Missouri A+ National Cancellation and Transfer
      Finn Law Group© Largo, FL A+
      Nationwide Settlement Solutions© Springfield, Missouri B+
      US Consumer Attorneys© San Diego, CA A-
      The Abrams Firm© Olympia-Lacey, WA A+
      Susan M Budowski LLC© Windermere, Florida A+
      Aaronson Law Firm© Longwood, FL A+
      Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates©


      Palm Springs, CA A+

      Research provided by BBB and each company’s website at the time of posting on 6/3/17. To update or remove information from this website, please email info@besttimeshareexitteam.com

Most timeshare exit companies do just about the same thing, but charge drastically different prices. Some companies require paying up-front and others allow you to pay after you’ve gotten rid of your timeshare. Not all companies that require paying up-front are a scam, but you need to be careful. If you consider paying a company up-front, make sure to carefully vet their credentials and reviews online. Even if they offer a 100% money-back guarantee there’s a chance they may just disappear with your money and you’ll never hear from them again. Our timeshare exit team specialists are here to help stop that from happening.

What is Timeshare Exiting?

Timeshare exiting is the process of getting you out of your timeshare contract. Unlike a timeshare resale company, a timeshare exit company will not promise to get you any cash for your timeshare. Unfortunately, if your timeshare salesperson told you that your timeshare was an investment, they were lying. The cold hard truth is that a timeshare bought on the retail market losses about 50 – 90%of its value the second you purchased it.

Timeshare Exit Scams

When shopping around for a timeshare exit company there are a few things to keep in mind:

      1. Make sure the company you’re considering has some sort of money-back guarantee. A company that offers no up-front fees is your safest bet, but most companies won’t do this.
      2. Avoid companies that do not have an online presence. If they don’t have a website, they’re likely a scam.
      3. Avoid companies with a poor BBB rating.
      4. Avoid companies that do not have a track record of successfully getting timeshare owners out of their contract.
      5. Always get everything in writing!
      6. Always shop around.

There are a lot of companies out there and some may be significantly cheaper than others. Some may charge $10,000 while others only $2,000. If they both offer a money-back guarantee, are in good standing with the BBB, and have other successful case studies, consider the cheaper option. As long as you’re free of your contract, does it really matter how long the process takes?